Optimized high speed nRF24L01+ driver class documentation v1.4.9
TMRh20 2020 - Optimized fork of the nRF24L01+ driver
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Optimized High Speed Driver for nRF24L01(+) 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver

Design Goals

This library fork is designed to be...

  • More compliant with the manufacturer specified operation of the chip, while allowing advanced users to work outside the recommended operation.
  • Utilize the capabilities of the radio to their full potential via Arduino
  • More reliable, responsive, bug-free and feature rich
  • Easy for beginners to use, with well documented examples and features
  • Consumed with a public interface that's similar to other Arduino standard libraries


See the releases' descriptions on the library's release page for a list of changes.

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General µC Pin layout

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also the individual board support pages for more info


@image HTML pinout.jpg

The table below shows how to connect the the pins of the NRF24L01(+) to different boards. CE and CSN are configurable.

PIN NRF24L01 Arduino UNO ATtiny25/45/85 [0] ATtiny44/84 [1] LittleWire [2] RPI RPi -P1 Connector
1 GND GND pin 4 pin 14 GND rpi-gnd (25)
2 VCC 3.3V pin 8 pin 1 regulator 3.3V required rpi-3v3 (17)
3 CE digIO 7 pin 2 pin 12 pin to 3.3V rpi-gpio22 (15)
4 CSN digIO 8 pin 3 pin 11 RESET rpi-gpio8 (24)
5 SCK digIO 13 pin 7 pin 9 SCK rpi-sckl (23)
6 MOSI digIO 11 pin 6 pin 7 MOSI rpi-mosi (19)
7 MISO digIO 12 pin 5 pin 8 MISO rpi-miso (21)
8 IRQ - - - - - -