Newly Optimized RF24Network Layer v1.0.17
2020 - Optimized RF24 Network Layer for NRF24L01 radios
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Advanced Configuration

RF24Network offers many features, some of which can be configured by editing the RF24Network_config.h file

Configuration Option Description
#define RF24NetworkMulticast This option allows nodes to send and receive multicast payloads.
Nodes with multicast enabled can also be configured to relay multicast payloads on to further multicast levels.
See RF24Network::multicastRelay
#define DISABLE_FRAGMENTATION Fragmentation is enabled by default, and uses an additional 144 bytes of memory.
#define MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE 144 The maximum size of payloads defaults to 144 bytes. If used with RF24toTUN and two Raspberry Pi, set this to 1500
#define DISABLE_USER_PAYLOADS This option will disable user-caching of payloads entirely. Use with RF24Ethernet to reduce memory usage. (TCP/IP is an external data type, and not cached)
#define ENABLE_SLEEP_MODE Uncomment this option to enable sleep mode for AVR devices. (ATTiny,Uno, etc)
#define ENABLE_NETWORK_STATS Enable counting of all successful or failed transmissions, routed or sent directly