Optimized RF24Network Layer v2.0.0
2024 - Optimized RF24 Network Layer for NRF24L01 & NRF52x radios
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A more advanced version of helloworld_tx using fragmentation/reassembly and variable payload sizes

#include "printf.h"
#include <RF24.h>
#include <RF24Network.h>
RF24 radio(7, 8); // nRF24L01(+) radio attached using Getting Started board
RF24Network network(radio); // Network uses that radio
const uint16_t this_node = 01; // Address of our node in Octal format
const uint16_t other_node = 00; // Address of the other node in Octal format
const unsigned long interval = 500; //ms // How often to send 'hello world to the other unit
unsigned long last_sent; // When did we last send?
/**** Create a large array for data to be sent ****
* MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE is defined in RF24Network_config.h
* Payload sizes of ~1-2 KBytes or more are practical when radio conditions are good
uint8_t dataBuffer[MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE];
void setup(void) {
while (!Serial) {
// some boards need this because of native USB capability
printf_begin(); // needed for RF24* libs' internal printf() calls
if (!radio.begin()) {
Serial.println(F("Radio hardware not responding!"));
while (1) {
// hold in infinite loop
network.begin(/*node address*/ this_node);
// Load our data buffer with numbered data
for (uint16_t i = 0; i < MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE; i++) {
dataBuffer[i] = i % 256; //Ensure the max value is 255
uint16_t sizeofSend = 0; //Variable to indicate how much data to send
bool stopSending = 0; //Used to stop/start sending of data
void loop() {
//User input anything via Serial to stop/start data transmission
if (Serial.available()) {
stopSending = !stopSending;
network.update(); // Check the network regularly
unsigned long now = millis(); // If it's time to send a message, send it!
if (now - last_sent >= interval && !stopSending) {
last_sent = now;
Serial.print(F("Sending size "));
// Fragmentation/reassembly is transparent. Just send payloads as usual.
RF24NetworkHeader header(/*to node*/ other_node);
bool ok = network.write(header, &dataBuffer, sizeofSend++);
// If the size of data to be sent is larger than max payload size, reset at 0
if (sizeofSend > MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE) {
sizeofSend = 0;
Serial.println(ok ? F(" ok.") : F(" failed."));
Maximum size of fragmented network frames and fragmentation cache.
Definition RF24Network_config.h:61
Definition RF24Network.h:384
Definition RF24Network.h:229