RF24Mesh - Automated Networking for nrf24L01 radios v2.0.0
TMRh20 2020 - A user friendly mesh overlay for sensor neworks using RF24Network
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Arduino Example Sketch
This example sketch shows how to manually configure a node via RF24Mesh, and send data to the master node. The nodes will refresh their network address as soon as a single write fails. This allows the nodes to change position in relation to each other and the master node.

#include "RF24.h"
#include "RF24Network.h"
#include "RF24Mesh.h"
#include <SPI.h>
//#include <printf.h>
/**** Configure the nrf24l01 CE and CS pins ****/
RF24 radio(7, 8);
RF24Network network(radio);
RF24Mesh mesh(radio, network);
* User Configuration: nodeID - A unique identifier for each radio. Allows addressing
* to change dynamically with physical changes to the mesh.
* In this example, configuration takes place below, prior to uploading the sketch to the device
* A unique value from 1-255 must be configured for each node.
#define nodeID 1
uint32_t displayTimer = 0;
struct payload_t {
unsigned long ms;
unsigned long counter;
void setup() {
while (!Serial) {
// some boards need this because of native USB capability
// Set the nodeID manually
// Set the PA Level to MIN and disable LNA for testing & power supply related issues
radio.setPALevel(RF24_PA_MIN, 0);
// Connect to the mesh
Serial.println(F("Connecting to the mesh..."));
if (!mesh.begin()) {
if (radio.isChipConnected()) {
do {
// mesh.renewAddress() will return MESH_DEFAULT_ADDRESS on failure to connect
Serial.println(F("Could not connect to network.\nConnecting to the mesh..."));
} while (mesh.renewAddress() == MESH_DEFAULT_ADDRESS);
} else {
Serial.println(F("Radio hardware not responding."));
while (1) {
// hold in an infinite loop
void loop() {
// Send to the master node every second
if (millis() - displayTimer >= 1000) {
displayTimer = millis();
// Send an 'M' type message containing the current millis()
if (!mesh.write(&displayTimer, 'M', sizeof(displayTimer))) {
// If a write fails, check connectivity to the mesh network
if (!mesh.checkConnection()) {
//refresh the network address
Serial.println("Renewing Address");
if (mesh.renewAddress() == MESH_DEFAULT_ADDRESS) {
//If address renewal fails, reconfigure the radio and restart the mesh
//This allows recovery from most if not all radio errors
} else {
Serial.println("Send fail, Test OK");
} else {
Serial.print("Send OK: ");
while (network.available()) {
RF24NetworkHeader header;
payload_t payload;
network.read(header, &payload, sizeof(payload));
Serial.print("Received packet #");
Serial.print(" at ");