RF24Ethernet - TCP/IP over RF24Network v1.6.15
TMRh20 - Pushing the practical limits of RF24 modules
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RF24Ethernet library: TCP/IP over RF24Network

Open & Open-Source IoT Wireless (not WiFi) Networks

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  • Bring the reliability of TCP/IP and potential of mesh networking/IoT to even the smallest of Arduino devices
  • Enable self-sustaining wireless sensor networks that seamlessly link together using standard protocols & networking
  • Simplify & automate it.
  • Experiment with/document a model for completely open & open-source communication


See the releases' descriptions on the library's release page for a list of changes.

See version history for more about the lineage of RF24Ethernet.

Configuration and Setup

The hardest part of setting up is getting the first radio module connected properly.
Scroll to the bottom of the RF24 radio documentation for pin connections

Once you have done that, see the Configuration and Set-Up page for general installation and configuration information

Detailed Overview

See the Overview page

Building a Network - Customizing your RF24 TCP/IP network

See the Building a network page

Home Automation with MQTT and Node-Red

See the Project Setup Info at Arduino Project Hub

About Troubleshooting

The RF24 libraries are divided into layers, generally according to the OSI model, which allows specialized testing and troubleshooting of individual layers.

See the Troubleshooting section for general troubleshooting steps.