Optimized high speed nRF24L01+ driver class documentation v1.4.8
TMRh20 2020 - Optimized fork of the nRF24L01+ driver
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RF24 Portability

The RF24 radio driver mainly utilizes the Arduino API for GPIO, SPI, and timing functions, which are easily replicated on various platforms.

Support files for these platforms are stored under RF24/utility, and can be modified to provide the required functionality.

Basic Hardware Template


The RF24 library now includes a basic hardware template to assist in porting to various platforms.

The following files can be included to replicate standard Arduino functions as needed, allowing devices from ATTiny to Raspberry Pi to utilize the same core RF24 driver.

File Purpose
RF24_arch_config.h Basic Arduino/AVR compatibility, includes for remaining support files, etc
includes.h Linux only. Defines specific platform, include correct RF24_arch_config file
spi.h Provides standardized SPI (transfer()) methods
gpio.h Provides standardized GPIO (digitalWrite()) methods
compatibility.h Provides standardized timing (millis(), delay()) methods
your_custom_file.h Provides access to custom drivers for spi, gpio, etc

Examples are provided via the included hardware support templates in RF24/utility

See the modules page for examples of class declarations.

Device Detection

  1. The main detection for Linux devices is done in the configure script, with the includes.h from the proper hardware directory copied to RF24/utility/includes.h
  2. Secondary detection is completed in RF24_config.h, causing the include.h file to be included for all supported Linux devices
  3. RF24.h contains the declaration for SPI and GPIO objects 'spi' and 'gpio' to be used for porting-in related functions.


To have your ported code included in this library, or for assistance in porting, create a pull request or open an issue at RF24 Library issues